A Perrrrrrrrrrfect Cup of Tea.

Now you think a cup of tea would be as easy as pouring hot water over a teabag throw in the sugar and milk and presto a cup of tea.
Once upon a time I discovered, by accident or obsessiveness, of which I can't really say, how to make a perfect cup of tea.

I use an 8 liter urn!
Heat the water to the boil
A ceramic teapot ( at least one and a half liters ), as opposed to a metal teapot.
Cups, ceramic  ( at least 600ml each or a pint ) as opposed to metal cups.
Sweetener ( I prefer honey ).
Full cream un-homoginised milk.
Hot water from the tap.

Pour cold water into your urn and boil.
While the urn  water is warming up place very hot water from your tap into:
the teapot
the cups

Once the water is boiled empty the teapot and cups and refill with the freshly boiled water.
Keep the water in the urn boiling // simmering.

Allow the boiled water to soak and heat the cups and teapot, empty them when they have heated for at least 2 - 3 minutes and fill them again with boiling hot water from the urn.
Empty the teapot after one minute  while leaving the cups to warm up further.
Place tea leaves, immediately,  into your pot; generally to your preference; I prefer 1 heaped teaspoon of tea for each pint of hot water add the hot water and allow to set, stir immediately after filling.

Allow to brew for 2 - 3 minutes.

empty the cups
pour in your milk
pour in your tea, with a forward and backward motion if you want it extra strong
add sweetener

After you have poured your tea top up the teapot with more boiling hot water. While you drink your tea more will be brewing for a second take.

sit back and enjoy the music

Be aware that the cups and tea are very hot!

teabags: they contain tea-dust and are bad for your kidneys.
homogenized milk: its just not the way cows make milk!


My favourite Tea
Daintree Tea from North Queensland
It's the only tea that I know is exclusively sourced from its own plantation. So many others are blends of dubious quality!

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