( A loudspeaker transducer binding post ).

After the dramatic sonic improvements introduced by the Monopole® the next item on the agenda became the transducer. The tweeter proved exceptionally difficult to accommodate because most tweeter domes come complete with their terminals factory fitted. Designing another dedicated terminal for the tweeter would only introduce one extra unnecessary interface. The woofer proved to be more easily adaptable.  To this end the Transducer Terminal ( WireTail™ ) was designed. Machined from Pure Copper 99.996% Cu  it adds further in creating a direct solderless link from the power amplifier to the transducer voice coil. Another stunning improvement in clarity and transparency results from installing the WireTail™ . Unlike other connector components the WireTail™ are electroplated with Pure Fine Silver that contains no brightener solution.  This is the purest form of electroplating for silver and delivers a matte finish.

Originally designed for the ATC 235 SC     transducer the W11 Wiretail is easily adapted where lug centres on the transducer are no greater than 25mm or 1 inch.

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