The  MonoMassTM  is a high mass weight for firming vinyl records onto the turntable platter. It  straddles the centre spindle and rests on the record label. Being 3 inches in diameter and 2 inches high it is available in two metals and a series of different finishes. The standard is polished and then gold electroplated pure Copper. As the MonoMassessTM  are all the same dimensions the only way of increasing the mass of the MonoMassTM  is to utilize metals of increasing densities. This is achieved by having a Monomass made from Tungsten. Being twice the density of Copper the Tungsten Monomass weighs twice as much while occupying the same volume.
 The table below shows approximate weights of the two different metals  that  MonoMassTMare available in:
 Mass in Kg
 Mass in lbs
 Gold Plate
 4.1 Kg
 Lacquer and Gold Plate
              The MonoMassTM  contributes to both stabilizing the record and dampening out external vibrations while  the record it is being played. The MonoMassTM is a better stabilizer than any clamp. Clamps have no inertia, the MonoMassTM is all inertia!  If you have a turntable with vacuum suction to hold the record down you don't need a MonoMassTM.
 Sonic improvements include better image focus, tauter bass, quieter background, faster transients, a reduction in colouration  and more realistic vocals. Piano is frighteningly real!

 Before utilizing a MonoMassTM it is important to know whether your turntable bearing can cope with the increased loading.

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Monopole® Connector Brackets.

Where there are more than one set of Monopoles® on a loudspeaker and there is only one pair of Audio cables connecting these to the amplifier then Bocchino Audio supplies custom fabricated Monopole® Connector Brackets. These have the FM2/3 profile cut into a piece of High Conductivity Copper 1.2 mm thick x 32 mm wide and any length needed to connect the respective number of Monopoles® on the loudspeaker. The Bracket is first Silver plated and then Gold plated.
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Note 1
B.A.S.S. StraightTM Speaker Cable  is primarily for connecting M11; M13; M14;  Monopoles® only. These should be on both the amplifier and the loudspeakers.
The smaller diameter Monopoles®,  M16 and M24 are designed for standard cables and spades.