Graph showing relative differences between All Bocchino Audio Connectors and competitors.


Rear series of bars show percentage content of Copper in the respective connectors.
Front  series of bars show electrical conductivity relative to IACS standards.

Fot those of you who find graphs daunting the data is displayed in the  table below:

Copper Content Manufacturer IACS% Conductivity**
99.996%  Bocchino Audio: All connectors 101 
68  WBT Top Line 26 
63  Vampire 807 26 
88  Vampire 800C 19 
62  Cardas SR RCA 26 
52  WBT 147 Midline 28 

**Conductivity values are not specific and accurate to the integer quoted and will vary slightly ( +/-5% except for Pure Copper which is always 101% IACS ) due to irregular distributions of component elements in machined bar stock.

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