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BrendaTM B3: 'The Rocket'.

The BrendaTM B3  has the Earth ( return )  insertion cylinder  coupled behind the Signal insertion cylinder. This enables a smaller diameter BrendaTM   while still using a locking cylinder as with the BrendaTM B2. All other design aspects of the BrendaTM B2 have been incorporated in the BrendaTM B3.  The Brenda™ B3 is more adaptable for low profile appliances where its size is more easily accommodated // and where the RCA chassis receptors on the appliance where the BrendaTM is being used, are at least at 21mm  centers or greater. The BrendaTM B3 has an overall diameter of 21mm ( just over 13/16th inch ).   The Brenda B3 has a signal pin with an insertion cylinder of 14mm depth and 4.0mm in diameter. The Earth insertion cylinder is will accomodate a return diameter of up to 5.3mm.  By securing the bare wire firmly into the body of the BrendaTM B3 Bare wire connector the quality of the connection delivers excellent reproduction of audio not possible with any solderable connector. The sense of immediacey and depth as well as stability of the stereo holographic image are unparalleled and not achievable by  any solderable connector. Involvement and intimacey are just two of the words that many users describe the consequence of using the BrendaTM B3 connectors.   The pure Copper ClawLock's large surface area ensures that all RF and electromagnetic interference is quickly and quietly earthed into the return path.
This is what enables the BrendaTM B3 to deliver the quietest background noise floor than any other RCA connector anywhere in the world today.

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Its component parts are:
The Claw: this is where the BrendaTM B3 clamps onto the chassis receptor.
The Signal Pin: This is where the Signal wire ( the positive pole ) is secured into its cylinder with twin set-screws.
The Anchor: This is where the Earth and shield wires are secured, also with twin set-screws.
The ClawLockTM: The ClawLockTM is almost as long as the BrendaTM B3 itself. It screws back over the Claw to secure the BrendaTM B3 onto its chassis receptor. The ClawLockTM is machined from solid Pure Copper Billet and acts as the perfect shield for the internals of the BrendaTM B3.

The Strain relief for cable securement on the Brenda B3 is the best in the world!  It utilises 6 x M4 set screws to hold the interconnect  cable perfectly in place: centred into its ingress into the connector rear through the back of the anchor!  No other connector on the planet can match this excellent strain relief engagement.

The Brenda B2 and  B3 have Pure Copper ClawLocks. No other locking interconnector components anywhere in the world today have  Copper locking barrels. The advantage of Copper being that the shielding is the absolute best ).

There is now only one variant of the B3 and that is Variant 7. As the size of both the B2 and B3 are non standard there was no point in trying them to fit them  where they cant; so the design paradigm was pushed to its limit allowing for oem requirements and also for the serious hobbyist and diy'er to make their best cables possible. Now three manufacturers currently offer cables with the B3 and these designers are artisans and serious practitioners of their art of cable manufacture. The new variant utilises a ring of 6 x M4 threads for M4 set screws to hold the cable in place. This offers unprecedented stability in holding the cable secure and minimising vibrational and unstable flexure  artefacts at this critical juncture.

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Brenda B3 Specifications:
Maximum diameter
Maximum Cable
( Between Centres )
B3: The Rocket Variation 7
100 mm 
21.0 mm 
13.3 mm
22.0 mm +
114 grammes
All  Brenda B3 variants are  unconditionally stable for phase and impedance at all audio frequencies.

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