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One of the most used connectors in the recording industry  and in high end audio is the 3 pin xlr connector. Also known as the balanced line connector.
Bocchino Audio has completely redesigned the xlr to incorporate a bare wire topology.What this means is that the xlr pins though the same dimensions as nominated by the standard at the insertion // receptacle ( front ) end have been redesigned within the connector to accommodate bare wire up to 4mm in diameter into a cylinder of 21mm depth. Such a generous receptacle bay will accommodate nearly every conceivable cable ever made for balanced line use. Each polarity of the wiring has a very long and generously sized cylinder into which it can be secured by either the 2 x M4 Stainless Steel grub screws supplied or the screw holes for the grub screws can be used to pour solder and hold the wire in place accordingly.  The pins are manufactured from Pure Copper ( 99.998% )  and then electroplated with Pure silver >11 microns.  Using Pure Copper for the pins greatly enhances the transmission of audio signals and especially low level detail with stereo holographic imaging enhanced and improved. 
 Bocchino Audio recommends using the bare wire option with Copper Paste ( or a contact enhancer paste such as Caig DeOxit )  as the surround medium for the wire to minimise corrosion and maximise conduction from the non-contact surfaces into the pin. Bare wire // compression connection is the best connection for electrical interface transition zones. This enables a high pressure to firm the wire into its transition receptacle for the most efficient transfer of electrical signal. It gives a better sense of immediacy and the fastest possible transient response between connected appliances. Coupled with the materials used, Pure Copper pins that have been Silver Plated ( and then gold plated if desired ) the electrical efficiency of the pins is the best in the industry. 

Recording studios, audiophiles and cable manufacturers that now use the Bocchino Audio xlr dubbed: BAXLR ( pronounced bachelor ) are extremely happy with the sonic results delivered  and all say that such a result is not possible any other way. Better dynamic range, quieter background noise ( virtually non existent ), superb clarity, vocals, piano and above all very fast and crisp transients!  Meaning greater involvement with the music being played; another veil has been lifted. One other consequence of the redesign of the xlr into the BAXLR is the increase in sturdiness of the whole assembly. The BAXLR is larger in diameter than the normally available commercial equivalents which are all less than 3/4 inch diameter. The BAXLR is 25mm in diameter ( or just shy of  one inch ).  And as a consequence of the materials used the BAXLR is the sturdiest xlr connector on the market today.  Overall Cable diameter that can be incorporated into the BAXLR is 13.5 mm or just a tad over 1/2inch.

The BAXLRTM comes in both male ( 92.0 mm long and 25mm dia ) and female ( 91mm long and 25mm in diameter ) connector component for audio cable. The compromises are that the locking clip on the female has been omitted but not the slot on the male, though the female with the clip is available if desired. The Bushes ( main bodies )  are manufactured from Delrin ( standard ) and the pins are turned from solid billet Pure Copper ( 99.998% ) ; these are then silver plated ( 9+ microns ) and then optionally Gold or Platinum plated ( 1.5+ microns );

Best in the world. There is no other xlr that comes even close!  Clean, quiet, more detail and resolution than was thought attainable and very very fast.

 Design Iterations.

The BAXLR , The Superlative , connector design is now in its 9th family iteration. Each family of BAXLR designs often has numerous revisions and the newest iteration is the most radical since the design was conceived and made over 13 years ago. The current iteration sees a new  compression signal pin design to the BAXLR and enabling deeper travel and better grip for the set screws. Revision of the securement of the pins into the polymer body and a longer cable stay bay enabling easier coupling of the stay screws onto the cable jacket while allowing more space from their grip to the pin face. The new design sees a departure from an all Black polymer;  Standard polymer, Delrin, is now made in either Black, Red and Neutral White ; enabling easier channel identification; OEM's can decide what colour scheme based on a huge range of coloured polymers available.  Standard is still Black.

BAXLR's are ideal for the serious audiophile who has  a fully balanced system.Equally some recording studios are now using BAXLR's at critical junctions for vocals direct into the mixing desk and for the final editing to stereo master. Diversity Records and Fidelis Records use BAXLR's exclusively throughout their entire recording process. Their neutrality and complete transparency is ideal where total information of the recording process is required.

Female: 91mm long x 25 mm diameter
Male:    92mm long x 25 mm diameter


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             A little something to brighten your day
Direct quote form our dealer in S.F. California

"I also wanted to let you know that the Reference Quest is fabulous.
Maybe it is just synergistic with the BAT CD Player, but my God
what a difference.  I replaced the Harmonic Tech Pro Silway II with
the RQ and the change was amazing.  Inner detail improved DRAMATICALLY,
the bass tightened and went deeper, mids were smoother, the high-
end extension changed the sonic character of the BAT from a little
too Dark to just right, and there was far more "air" and ambient
information.  And they weren't even broken in yet (unless you guys
burned them in before shipping)."



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