( Alpha Bocchino Audio Banana )

Pure Copper Banana

The current revision is now the AlphababanaMkIII.
This incorporates a Beryllium Copper spring ( 98% Copper and 2% Beryllium ) which is electroplated with 60 microns of Pure Silver.The Wire Holding Body is Pure Copper ( 99.94%+ Alloy C11000 ) and the lockingbolt is Brass. Both holding body and  bolt are electroplated with 11 microns of Fine Silver. Materials that alter and degrade sound, Nickel Electroplating are not used at all. The AlphababanaMkIII is electroplated with Silver only.  The Silver electroplate on the AlphaBAbana is a matt finish; because there are no artifices in the silver solution to interfere with the ability of the silver to do its job of protecting the Copper  metal or to detract from the purity of the silver being used. Consequently the silver electroplate is > 99.999%; Pure Anodic Silver!  The physical construction of AlphababanaMkIII assists in attaining a very high torque and holding pressure onthe speaker cable inserted into it.  The Hex outer body enables the use of two spanners, or a spanner and a socket or two sockets,  to lock the wire with MODERATE force.   This assists in maximising  transmission efficiency from cable to connector and hence to or from the loudspeaker or amplifier respectively.

 The locking bolt on the AlphababanaMkIII  incorporates an M11 Ultra fine thread and considerably longer than previous versions.  This enables better security and holding torque on the wire filars being gripped.  The sonic difference is further improved by removing the brighteners from the silver solution;   Delivering better performance space spatial cues and quieter background.  Musical instrument character is better demonstrated and vocals are better focused and fleshy.

The AlphaBabanaTM MkIII  is robustly constructed and will deliver excellent audio from whatever cable it carries. If inserting fine wires use a spacer or packing between the bolt face and the cable to ensure a firm grip and minimise shearing of the fine wires by the applied pressure.

Dimensions of AlphaBabanaTM

58mm  ( 2  9/32ins )
Maximum width
16mm ( 5/8 ins )
Cable insertion hole diameter
8.0mm  ( 5/16ins )

   available in Gold  or  Platinum finish.


User comments:

For the past two years, I used other banana plugs (bayonet plugs) for my center channel speaker (Stage from Martin Logan). I recently started to have problem with those plugs which were used with a Denon 3808 AVR. The plugs were not as tight as they used to be (IMO, the previous banana uses too much plastic which after a while loosens its tightness).
I kept looking for a better set of banana plugs and I came across Bocchino products. I ordered a pair of their Alphababana plugs (The one I ordered was platinum on silver on copper) from Australia and I received them in less than two weeks.
They were very easy to install and they have a very tight grip in my Denon receiver. After a week, I noticed that I hear more details and the voices sound more natural than before.
I wanted the best banana plugs for my speaker and I believe I have them now (Alphababana plugs).
May be the best banana plugs in the market.
Shahrokh H Tuscon AZ

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