A Few Notes on the  PandaTM  Model 10 Loudspeaker.

            This loudspeaker has evolved out of well over twenty five years of my design work with loudspeakers and audio componentry. It carries the pinnacle of all my ideas and innovations that I have developed in audio and also the painful removal of many cherished mindsets. The Enclosure is a true point source alignment ( meaning that the two woofers are located at the quarter volume points of the internal volume of their enclosure ) One tweeter surrounded with two woofers.  Consisting of two 9" woofers and a single 1" tweeter  and with a first order Butterworth for the Woofer with zoebel network and a full 3rd order Butterworth  with L pad for the Tweeter, the simplicity of  the speakers belies their exceptional performance.

            The PandaTM  Model 10 Loudspeaker  enclosure is 1600mm high, 400mm wide and 702mm deep and 50mm ( min) thick .  In imperial measurements that's: 63inches high x 16 inches wide and 28inches deep and 2 inches ( minimum ) thick.  The enclosure is locked by both its internal bracing and numerous metal fasteners and high strength glue.
The front panel is of a Monolithic construction ( 65mm thick; nearly 3 inches ) and completely made from Plywood; It sits proud of the other panels and is seamless in all directions minimising diffraction effects . Each speaker box is centred onto its own dedicated  plywood  wooden plinth which is 600mm wide and 900mm deep and 100mm high ( 24 inches wide x 36 inches deep and 4 inches high ). The internal volume is over 258 litters ( or just over 9 cubic ft ) and each enclosure weighs just over 150Kg ( 300lbs+ ).
Side panels are a 4 layer varying density plywood construction,  The outer panel face being a thinner panel of mdf that can be either solid colour or veneered.
Rear panel consists of inner of soft radiate pine and the outer of hardened plywood; total thickness of the rear panels being 64mm.
                Internal wiring is  OCC Copper    for the woofers  and  a single Fine Silver wire for the tweeters.  The use of  solder is restricted to attaching the  signal wire to the tweeter; no solder is used in the Woofer // Mid circuit.
All crossover connections are terminated in specially designed and manufactured ( by Bocchino Audio )  junction assemblies known as WireGrubsTM( All manufactured  from Pure Copper, then Silver plated ).
All transducers are secured onto the Monolith with stainless steel bolts secured into  custom made fasteners.
The inductors are wound from pure copper foil and the capacitors are Mundorf Supreme.
The Woofers have a  specially designed Transducer Binding post known as W11 WireTailsTM fitted in place of its standard binding post. The woofers are factory modified to accommodate the dedicated designed W11 WireTailTM.

Essentially every effort has been made to secure the transducers as firmly as possible into the enclosure. No shorcuts on mechanical structure and integrity. The payoff is exceptional clarity and transparency.

Internal Damping is of a unique ‘air-gap’ buffer design with the majority of the air in the box acting in synergy with the working transducers. Rear Binding posts are M13MkV Monopoles®   . These, too, are fabricated from Pure Copper; Silver plated ( No Nickel!  Hence no Hall-effect ).

                Originally designing loudspeakers for others ( 1983 - 1988 ) I decided to investigate exactly what makes a loudspeaker transducer feel comfortable within  its working environment. A few very narrow parameters came out of all this  research and seeking loudspeaker transducers with these parameters proved immensely difficult. There are only two such woofer transducers that come close to these parameters. Both are exceptional in their performance but one is better than the other. Only the best went into the Panda’sTM.
Nominally QTS=0.5 and VAS>135 among some of the parameters.


What sets these speakers apart from almost any other loudspeaker is their ability to effortlessly handle a very broad dynamic range while delivering a very involving musical experience. All the metaphors of timbral accuracy and image precision are all exceptional and go without saying. Emotional involvement with the music is very real. A lot of design has gone into ensuring that transient attack is the fastest possible while delivering the maximum energy available from the amplifier with minimal colouration.  A greater sense of immediacy than is possible with a fully soldered path. The listener is immersed into the performance space where the music was recorded. Seamless and holographic.
The Panda Model 10 loudspeaker is the only loudspeaker in the world that has no solder from the binding posts all the way to the voice coil.  All connections from the binding post through the crossover through to the transducer chassis are all high pressure compression connections. No Solder means faster transients and clearer and crisper definition, not to mention a near perfect noisless background.

Liquid Tranquility!

Some Specs:

Frequency response: Narrowest deviation: 100Hz - 20KHz +/-2db

Full Spectrum:   20Hz - 20KHz +/-3.5db..

Impedance:  Nominal 6.2 Ohms.

Efficiency:  >87db @1.0 meter @1watt.

Fs   38Hz.

Overall Q:  ?0.614.

Enclosure Type:  Fully Sealed.

Binding posts:  4 xM13MkV Monopoles®
                        +4 x FM3 Pure Copper Silver plated.



Woofer Binding posts: WireTailsTM W-11 (Custom)
( refer to photo below )

Power Handling:  200Watts r.m.s. ( 1000 watts @ 10 milliseconds).

Recommended Amplifier Power:  80 Watts and up to 300  Watts rms.

Minimum Amplifier Power: 30 watts.
Nominal Weight: 150Kg each enclosure ( >325 lbs ).

Crossover: Quasi 12db with Zobel on bass // midrange.   18db ( compensated ) on tweeter.
Capacitors: Mundorf Supreme; Inductors: Goertz copper foil 10 gauge; resistors: Various! Wire: OCC Copper for woofer and Fine Silver for Tweeter; Fastening points: WireGrubsTM.
Upgrades of crossover elements are available: ( Deuland, Foil in oil etc capacitors; Silver foil inductors: POA ).


1600mm high, 400mm wide and 702mm deep and 50mm ( min) thick

Front panel: Monolithic 65mm thick

Support Plinth ( Integral to the main structure )  600mm wide and 900mm deep and 100mm high

Internal volume is over 258 litters >9 cubic feet.

Weight: 150Kg.

Standard Finish: All panels  are textured matte white with matte black edgings.  The sides can be veneered.  There are innumerable veneers available; please inquire!
Or any plain solid colour.
Where more than one colour or veneer is to be incorporated extra charges apply.

                The  PandaTM  Model 10 Loudspeaker’s are all custom built and take from 6 - 9 weeks to fabricate and test prior to dispatch and delivery. The Bocchino Audio  direct price per pair is $43,000.00 per pair  (US Dollars)  with freight inclusive to most destinations!.  ( 8 x  Tungsten Mecados ? 8 x FM3 MkIII Pure Copper Silver plated spades are included in this price). The price is essentially a wholesale direct price. The PandaTM  Model 10 Loudspeaker is only available directly from Bocchino Audio. The thoroughness of the bare wire design ( compression connections ), individual testing of all components and correct electrical and mechanical matching of all elements for the construction of the PandaTM  Model 10 Loudspeaker are unprecedented in loudspeaker construction.

Warranty is parts only for 3 years.
Though I recommend up to a 300 watt amplifier to drive the Panda'sTM  a 60watt triode Audio Research Classic 60 copes handsomely.
Normal supply  is with a passive crossover.

All PandaTM Model 10 Loudspeakers are built and tested and tuned by the designer: Carmine Bocchino. There is no subcontracting of the assembly and testing. There are no shortcuts.
Transducer showing 6N OCC Copper Wiring intoW11 WireTailsTM
These are Pure Copper ( 4N ) with 4N Silver plating
The finished prototype
Detail of the W11 WireTailsTM with Twisted  6N OCC Copper in Teflon Piping
Fully Dressed with Vesicular Basalt squares and  Tungsten Mecados with Helidon Sandstone afloat Tungsten Mecados atop the speaker


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An installation video is supplied with each pair of Panda'sTM.