but only from the list.

This is the best way to lose weight.
I did it for a month in 1985.
After one week I was shrinking at the rate of one inch on the waist every 3 days and with an enormous amount of energy to burn.

It works by re-setting your natural weight setpoint.
Your body holds onto fat if the fat intake exceeds its requirements. So if the ratio of high calorific foods exceeds the ratio of low calorific foods then you either remain at the same weight or put on weight.
The high calorie diet raises your weight setpoint so that you continue to put on weight.

This diet concentrates on getting the set point down so the body sheds weight by consuming its fat reserves while you get to eat as much food as you can.

The effect is that you will be eating a lot less than you think and sooner than you think and feeling really good about it.

Dinner and Lunch
Get the biggest salad bowl that you can lay your hands on.
Fill it with 95% salad vegetables; vegetables that you are comfortable eating raw. The balance can be all the rich bits that  you enjoy.
Eat it all.  Repeat daily. Within a week you will be down to a salad to less than half the size that you started with and will also be reducing the rich bits to nearly zero. You will also be more discriminating of the vegetables that you put in. This is your body / mind telling you what it needs and doesn't want. At the end when you have reached your target you will be probably eating only a fifth to a tenth with what you started with but will feel very energetic.
Try to source your proteins from nuts and cheeses.
try to stick to in season vegetables and fruit; even put fruit in your salad and your favourite dressing but reduce this overtime.
If its raw, green and edible: in it goes.
The best presentation for the salad is to chop everything finely.

RichBits in the salad.
Tinned oysters, tinned sardines these are good sources of calcium and dha and protein. Easy on the rich bits.
Other rich bits include all meats, preserved meats, cheeses and oils and all dairy foods.

A salad dressing.
Olive oil ( cold pressed ), balsamic vinegar, cider vinegar, lemon, avocado oil, Apricot kernel oil (just a drop ); any cold pressed oil that is edible, but in small quantities, 2cc or less!
Easy on the oils; place in a jar with your favourite dried or fresh herbs and shake vigorously and then pour over your salad. After a while you will tend away from the dressing altogether.

Fruit; not fruit juice just fruit. Lots of Fruit; though carrot and tomato juice freshly made is good!
Purple Pig Porridge: In a saucepan: oats ( 3 - 6 spoons ); oatbran ( 1 spoon ); barley bran( 1 spoon  ); wheatgerm ( 1 spoon ); cook in water or let soak in oator rice  milk; when ready add currants or sultana's or mixed fruit peel for your sweetening agent; Dark honey.
( you can also do this raw without heating as I do; just let the oat or rice milk and yoghurt soak while you ablute! )
Honeycomb from your region on your toast. And natural unsweetened unmodified yoghurt.

Snacks every two hours
One type of fruit only and as much of it as you please;
any sized salad;
protein either from cheese or nuts but only a small amount.
Do not exceed your target weight in kg in grammes of protein:
ie if you want to reach a weight of 60Kg then do not exceed 60grammes of protein per day.

Filtered Water only. And lots of it. Avoid all bottled waters and spring waters. What the labels don't tell you is the amount of naturally occurring heavy metals that these drinks contain and even radioactive elements.
O/wise your usual tea and coffee with reducing quantities of sugar or honey // No artificial sweeteners at all: They're just not good for you.

Dairy Cow milk used to be ok; then there was a process where the milk was over processed: Avoid all processed milks! Homogenised milk is very bad for your health;  any milk that is not as it came from the cow is best avoided.
Only natural full cream milk that has been pasteurised only!  Avoid all processed milk!!!!!

Sourdough. Everything else has copious amounts of added gluten and mold inhibitor. Unless you make your own.

Dairy Foods.
Milk, ( full cream pasteurised only ),  in your coffee // tea,  cheese in your salad.
Milk  ( full cream pasteurised only ), is a classic setpoint raiser. Its what we were nurtured on at a very tender age and the set point enzymes and hormones read its intake as a signal to hold onto fat. Just keep the ratio low while the weight falls off and then increase to an amount that does not lead to increasing weight.
Easy on the Dairy food.
Cheese in the salad is a good addition but easy on the cheese; best cheeses are the fully matured cheeses; all the others havent had time to 'settle'.
You will find that you will progress from fully matured cheeses initially eventually to edam's and plain cheddars!

Meat and Fish
Only grass fed beef; they haven't yet worked out a way to battery feed sheep so lamb or mutton is better than the beef.
Keep cooked meat to a once a week item.
And only in the second week.
Fish once a week after the second week; o/wise canned oysters, mussels and sardines in the salad are ok; but only as a small portion of the whole salad.
When eating meat also include your favourite vegies and brown rice and lentils.

Ensure that your food is properly grown if possible; the chooks, turkeys etc...  are free range  and so too are the eggs and the meat is grass fed and non hormone tampered. No genetically modified foods.
Often advocates of organically grown foods do not mention the harmful moulds and fungi that form as a consequence of there being no pest control.
If sourcing organically grown make sure it is freshly picked, and not more than 1-3 days old.

In the first week this is not permitted; you have to stuff yourself with the goodies listed above.
All subsequent weeks permit yourself to have at least one hot meal: the works; and sometimes 2 hotmeals.
Even a death by chocolate once every 2 weeks is ok.
Easy on the sinning.

Target reached.
Increase the richbits and watch your scales and pace yourself.
Have those snacks regularly and keep the low calorie stuff the major part of your diet.
Make brown rice and brown lentils and beans and other pulses the cornerstone of your diet.
Avoid refined carbohydrates and white rice.
Increase the amount of non meat dishes in your diet, but keep meat and fish an integral part of your diet at least once a week for each and maybe more with the fish!.
Eat only grass grown meats and avoid all grain fed meats; avoid all battery chickens and all pork or any other meats from intensive farming techniques.
Free range chickens and wild boar or pork that has not been grown in a piggery.

A diet that is predominantly from low calorie sources and high in fiber based on complex carbohydrates will ensure you have a long and energetic life.
Ensure you have a minimum of 2 fish dinners per week: Make Friday Fish and seafood day.

At least 2 x 4 km walks per day must be at least 50 minutes each.
And include at least one very steep long hill once a day.
And 5 minutes of serious stretching; Tai Chi is fun too

Avoid forever:
all slimming pills and appetite suppressants.
all sugar supplements
all diet drinks and labelled diet foods
all genetically engineered foods.
reduce sugar intake; initially by 5% weekly; a little bit is not immediately missed; but be consistent.
Dont throw sugar out completely.
Sugars that are ok, if such an expression is suitable, are"
Demerara, Dark Brown sugar ( this has molases back blended into it ), Molases or even Treacle as a sweetener is great!
Any honey from your local apiarist.
Honeycomb from your region; ( this is supposed to help in reducing allergies ? ).
Drink full cream milk pasturised only; avoid homogenised milks and modified milks.
No Margarine ever! Butter is best!
Full cream yoghurts with no flavourings but fruit yoghurts if you must!
Yoghurt every day will assist in Calcium uptake and weight control!

Garbage in garbage out.
Meals will help you lose weight
Snacks based on refined foods such as potato chips and sweets will put on weight!
Avoid all diet sodas! Get yourself a reverse osmosis  water purifier. After you taste pure water you will not drink soda's again!

If you need 2000 calories a day then dont eat 2500 calories otherwise you will put on weight.
One gramme of fat is 9 calories!
Every 9 calories less is one gramme less and vice versa.

Always wash them.
Some Vegetables
                 Bean sprouts
                stringy beans
                 Beets ( grated )
                 Brussels sprouts
                 Cabbage, red any colour
                Chinese cabbage, lettuce,
                 Greens: lettuce all hydroponic types
                 Pea pods
                 Snow Peas
                All types of sprouts: alfalfa, bean,garlic,
                Water chestnuts

Even Fresh Herbs

Add more of your own

Fruits: Fresh and in season; canned best avoided especially if it is in sweet syrup.

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