An excellent cup of coffee

as with making a perfect cup of tea this is open to much debate.
This is the no holes barred version.

I use an 8 liter urn!
Heat the water to the boil
A ceramic teapot ( at least one and a half liters ), as opposed to a metal teapot.
Cups, ceramic  ( at least 600ml each or a pint ) as opposed to metal cups.
Sweetener ( I prefer honey ).
Full cream un-homoginised milk.
Hot water from the tap.

Pour cold water into your urn and boil.
While the urn  water is warming up place very hot water from your tap into:
the coffee pot
the cups

As with an excellent cup of tea a lot of hot water is involved.

Pour cold water into you urn and boil.
While the urn water is warming up place very hot water from your tap into:
the cups // at least one pint cups.

Once the water is boiled empty the cups and refill with the freshly boiled water.
Keep the water in the urn  boiling // simmering.

Pour the remaining hot water into a saucepan that holds slightly more water than you will need to make the coffee.
Allow up to one pint // 600ml per person.

Grind your coffee beans fresh and not too fine.
Add one or two heaped tablespoons into the gently simmering hot water; you must  keep it just below the boil; do not let it boil.
Stir to allow excellent mixing and to hold back the boiling.
After a minute ( at the most ) empty the cups of their hot water. Add milk ( if you want to ) and add the coffee; If you must, strain it through a tea strainer but avoid filter paper, this takes away the soul of coffee flavour.
Add sweetener and stir.
Some grinds will appear on the surface, after a minute or two these will sink.

drink and enjoy
sit back and enjoy the music

And the best coffee?
Original Jamaican Blue Mountain: if you can get some.
New Caledonian coffee, beautiful aroma and rich flavour.

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