M11 MkVIII  Monopole®.
Pure Copper Binding Post.

The M11 incorporates all the best design features that have come from over 20 years of research and development  into binding post design by Bocchino Audio.  It is designed to, primarily, take bare wire speaker wire.  The M11 will also accept Spades and bananas and in particular the FM2 Spade.

          The M11 Monopole® is machined from solid billet C10100 Pure Copper 99.99%+!and having the main bolt  Sillver plated; The bolt securing the bare wire ends into the Monopole® bolt is Gold on Silver electroplated.
The whole Monopole® is available solely Silver plated if desired.
It is intended for both aftermarket upgrade  for  loudspeakers and amplifiers; and for manufacturers that want to have the M11 as their standard binding post.
If you want the absolute best in performance from your Audio Appliance then the installation of the M11 Monopole will suffice.

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