MecadoTM Mk III
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MecadoTM's come in the following quantities:
Tissue Wrap
$USD 299 for 3
Gift Box
$USD 499.00 for 3 x 316L Gift Boxed
Titanium GR2
Tissue Wrap
$USD 688.00 for 3
Gift Box
$USD 788.00 for 3 x Titanium GR2 Gift Boxed
Gift Box
$USD 2,528.00 for 3 x Tungsten (WoNiCu ) Gift Boxed

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Mecado's are available directly from Bocchino Audio

The following loudspeaker manufacturers use and recommend Mecado's

Orpheus Loudspeakers

Other Metals.

Both Titanium and  Tungsten have advantages as material for use as a Mecado than Stainless Steel.  But at a price.

Price Per  Set of 3 Mecado's
Weight per Mecado Assembly
$ 688.00 ( with tissue packaging )
220 grammes each.
Tungsten Alloy
$ 1,928.00 ( with boxed packaging )
888 grammes each.

Tungsten Mecado's are 93% Tungsten ( W ) balance Nickel ( Ni ) and Copper ( Cu )

The W/Ni/Cu Mecado is more than twice as dense as  the Stainless Steel Mecado and has sublime dampening properties along with superb isolation characteristics not possible with any other material.  Having a density of 17.22  ( Gold is 19.3 ) and a hardness greater than the 316 stainless steel with  a speed of sound greater than stainless steel gives W/Ni/Cu alloy an edge in performance that commands the listeners ear from the first note; at a price!
These Mecado's deliver the absolute best in isolation not possible by anyother means.

Titanium on the other hand has the highest speed of sound than any other metal and stiffness to match. It delivers excellent isolation from vibration resulting in improved microdynamics and imaging  and dynamic scale compared to the 316 Stainless Steel standard Mecado.

Each set of Mecado's consists of 3 cones and 3 shoes.


Price is inclusive of freight via standard air mail to anywhere in the world.

OEM's and resellers  inquire about the oem range Mecado's

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