MIMAS Monopole® Complete Assembly.

Pure Copper Binding Post.
The MIMAS is easy to install into any loudspeaker and will also fit into most amplifiers.
It is the ideal entry Monopole® for the serious DIY audio enthusiast.


The MIMAS will accommodate standard spade connectors, banana connectors  and bare wire can be wrapped around its shaft.
          The MIMAS Monopole® is machined  from solid billet C10100 Pure Copper 99.99%+!  and is a maximum of  19.0mm in diameter.  While requiring a 20mm diameter hole to install it delivers excellent audio and is the  best value for money binding post
anywhere in the world today.
The MIMAS will straddle interfaces up to 20mm thick.
It is electroplated with a minimum of 8.0+ microns of Pure Silver
 and either 1.5+ micron of Hard Gold Plate ( 23.5 Karat ) or 1.5 microns Platinum top plate on the spade nut.

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