Mecado Testimonial:

Hi Carmine,

I recently bought an audio system from Len Wallis audio, Sydney featuring Musical Fidelity, Krell and JM Lab components.  At the time, Charl recommended your mecado sets for
placement under the CD player and amplifier.  I have to confess that I was somewhat skeptical and was reluctant to spend extra funds at the time.

However, after doing a careful A/B comparison at the store, my wife and I were very pleasantly surprised with the clearly audible improvement and had no hesitation in deciding to
purchase these sets.

We have had an opportunity to listen to the system at home, both before and subsequent to the mecado being installed.  As observed previously, the 'purity' of the sound
subsequent to the installation is exceptional.  The sound has all the natural ambience of being in the recording studio or concert hall.

In short, a first rate product.

R.R. Sydney


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