Biogas purification technologies and Fuel stations.

Australian Biomass will design and install appropriately sized biogas purification systems. The principal purification system being water scrubbing of the biogas to remove the Carbon Dioxide content of the gas and render a high purity methane >97% CH4.

The purified gas can then be used either for process heating purposes where the requirement for a clean gas exists;

or for:

As a motor vehicle fuel.

The scrubbed gas is compressed and dispensed with the same equipment as used for Compressed Natural Gas Vehicles.

Scrubbed Biogas has a calorific value of between 31MJ/M3 to as high as 35MJ/M3 but nominally 33MJ/M3. Natural gas has a nominal calorific value as high as 38MJ/M3. Hence an engine operating on scrubbed biogas will experience a slight loss of power.

Australian Biomass will design and install complete turnkey:

a: Biogas scrubbing systems.

b: Scrubbed biogas fuel stations.

c: Convert any vehicle to operate either specifically on scrubbed biogas or on a duel fuel basis.

For more comprehensive information including C.V. and project history contact Carmine Bocchino via email or telephone: skype: thepanda