Now you will think me a bit of a contradiction considering my slamming of modelling for the estimations of landfill gas production.
But after nearly 20 years experience in biomass engineering I have developed a few spreadsheets and programs that enable me to determine a ballpark estimate of the probable landfill gas reserve in a given landfill given the following parameters:

  • Refuse mix: % of organics vs inorganics
  • Fill composition and estimated percentage of landfill volume
  • Landfill volumetric dimensions
  • Does the landfill have a liner?
  • Rainfall in mm ( preferably broken down to monthly readings and going back 10 - 20 years )
  • Some details on seasonal variations of both rainfall and refuse deposition.
  • Refuse deposition history in tonnes per year and at least 10-20 year history is preferred.
  • Refuse deposition projections in tonnes per year and life in years left in use of the landfill.
  • Are there any water courses through the landfill?
  • What percentage of the landfill is underwater ( water tables ) and how long has it been underwater in years?
  • First model Free.


    Email me these data and I will put them through my model gratis and fax you back the results in less than 2 days. Free!

    But Modelling is only a guestimate at the best of times so this data will assist in honing my model further and give you a guestimate of the potential of the landfill being investigated.

    All I ask in return is that you send me real time data of your field results as they come in.
    oh! and your fax number so I can fax the data.
    Email jpeg is an alternative if requested but I prefer to send a fax!


  • Best End Uses for Landfill Gas:
  • Burn in a kiln is the preferred use.
  • Heating greenhouse steam heat exchangers is second.
  • Heating boilers for industrial heating is also a good second
  • Power generation is the third best use.