Coping with Stress.

There are two thought images that may be useful for dealing with stress.

Firstly: All anger is transient!
Fervour never lasts for long except if you are a pathlogical obsessive or fundamentalist idealogue; and even the energy required to sustain the 'revolution' soons runs out of cash and its time to 9to5 again sometime.

First thought image:
Farting balloon syndrome!
Imagine a blowing up a big balloon and then releasing that balloon without having sealed or knotted it closed. The balloon will then fly randomly across space expiring its air to the air outside banging and crashing against anything and everything until it runs out of air.
Most anger is such a paradigm.
A person blows their stack and that's it.

Gobi Desert.

This is a little more involved.

In mythical China there is a giant vast desert called the Gobi Desert ( there is a Gobi Desert in the real China but it wont do for this experiment so don't get too pedantic )

On this desert is you!
You are represented by a giant walled city.
On a good day the walled city the city gates are open and all things wander in and out freely and all things are productive and relatively peaceful.
On the vast Gobi Desert ( the mythical one here )! there are monsters! Monsters! These monsters are dinosaurs, 50foot high rodents, Carniverous Blue Whales with feet and spears; generally a lot of nasty viscous predatory scheming vilifieing monsters.

Every now and then this troupe of monsters charges the city ( you!).

You have two major alternatives and three  minor alternatives.
Major A
Close the city gates, make the walls infinitely thick, load the ramparts with all the weapons and fire at will.
( This takes up a lot of energy and you get wounded worse than you ever imagined and takes all your resources to stay alive; its the eye for an eye approach and leaves lots of debris and carnage: ok if you are into this sort of thing but you have better things to do with your time and life ).
Never headbutt a monster!

Major B
Rotate the City so that the city gates sit square to the path of the approaching monstrous hordes!
Open the gates and make the throughway in the City as wide as the mob ( even wider ) and let them keep running straight through!
Before the monstrous hordes know what's happened they are miles on the other side of the Gobi Desert from where you were and are confused and directionless  and scattered.
You have another peaceful day until the next charge.

Minor A!
This takes more imagination!
As the monstrous hordes are careening onto your city! Fly it up into the air!
They scatter in confusion and when they have all gone away you can come down to earth again.
This takes a lot of energy on your part and should be used only if persistent attacks and Major B fails!

Minor B!
This involves the opposite of Minor A!
Pull the trap door and dive underground closing the trapdoors above so quickly that it appears that you became invisible and disappeared.
This doesnt take up as much energy as Minor A but you are in the dark until you surface again.

Minor C!
If these monsters persist and you are running low on fuel then try a managed negotiated settlement! It held the peace during the Cold War.

Other methods:
Withdraw the Gobi Desert from the monsters feet, or have them fall into a moat,
Anything other than Major B requires lots of resources and time.
Nuke 'em! this takes you out as well!

Then again, the opposite to being a victim is to be a champion!

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